Sunday, May 20, 2012

Home Teasers

While Mr. Burly & I hang in home-purchase limbo (i.e. that terrible time of financing between purchase agreement and closing), we are making many important decisions, namely: paint colors.

I don't know if I've worn him down in the four years we've been together, that COLORCOLORCOLOR is the way to go, or if he wore me down and I selected slightly less bright colors than if left to my own devices, but agreeing on colors has been practically painless.

A couple of weeks ago I went to [LOCAL BIGBOX HOMESTORE] to raid paint swatches. I discovered that I don't quite have the energy to agonize over swatches like I used to. So I picked up any book of pre-matched swatches that held any color I liked. Translation: I left the 2 or 3 books of earth-toned swatches and accompanying inspirational room pictures (if I want to see earth-tones, I'll go outside thankyouverymuch)(also, THANKGOD earth tones just aren't that popular right now). You know what? Pros are hired to make these families of colors that go well together. Why would I fight that? They make these huuuuge families of coordinated-but-not-totally-matchy-matchy colors. There's a ton of selection within these books. Selection that WORK. Which is what I would be incapable of otherwise.

So I picked up the books, and edited further the colors I didn't want. Translation: Taupe and all it's taupe-y ilk. Then I presented the selection to Mr. Burly.

Actually, for all the selection I had, I think I really only presented about 2 collections of colors. I dunno, maybe he peeked at the others when I wasn't looking. But I showed him the super-colorful palette I loved, and the other super-colorful-but-only-slightly-less-bright palette I also loved. And he was cool with option #2.

He's also contributed some great ideas toward painting design. Love Mr. Burly.

So, I feel it's too early to be completely forthright with the colors. I'm gonna be annoyingly vague (for anyone who doesn't know me), instead.

Dining Room: My favorite color!
Living Room: My favorite neutral to go with that color!
Hallway: Will match either the Dining or Living room!
Kitchen & Bathroom: Staying the current color for the time being (so, it will clash with the palette in general) - but the kitchen has so little paintable surface to begin with, and the bathroom needs the least amount of work out of all the rooms, so we're opting for no work at all. It goes with our current bath stuff anyway.
Master Bedroom: The complementary color of my favorite color!
Guest Bedroom: Same complementary color, plus a neutral!
Office: The most contended undecided space, I want a new color to the mix, but that might be too much. So it might just match the Living Room. Stay tuned!
-Large Rec Area: Undecided, likely to remain white for a while
-"Bonus" Room: I think we're just shutting the door to this room. Really. Not even thinking about it, probably, until we're ready to address the basement as a whole, which will be a long time from now.
-Laundry Room: WONDER WOMAN! Somehow this makes perfect sense to me, even if it is a little bit logically awkward to others, but it's totally going to be my Wonder Woman/ other comic Showcase room. Because I don't particularly showcase my stuff, but I have a lot of it and don't just put it away in boxes. And there's a closet in this room (which makes little sense for everyday use) in which I can properly store my costume pieces.
-Half-Bath: meh. falls under the same level of concern as "Bonus Room."

Heck, maybe Mr. Burly has plans & designs for the "Bonus" Room that I am unaware of. Stay tuned...

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