Sunday, September 9, 2012

101 Week 8

Entropy and what not. 

Weekly Goals:
daily journals
weekly German
weekly blogpost (this one, natch)
weekly diary
morning workout 
DVD workout
walk in park 
- play music 2x 

Sporadic Goals: 
- Make one "pinned" recipe every other month
- pseudo-progress on a goal I've previously alluded to but am still iffy about

Monthly Goals:
40% Commute by bike
1 pleasure bike ride
1 week carb free, 1 week dairy free
visit library 2x

Sometimes I want to do things, like build a home in Skyrim - courtesy of the Hearthfire add-on, or read comics, that are in direct conflict with my time to be productive. Given that I have a few goals that have opened up (I'm looking at you, weekly diary), Should I replace it with something low-key like "Beat Skyrim"? I mean, I do have a serious issue finishing just about anything I start, for fun or any other reason, and videogames are no exception. The list of videogames I've beaten, ever, in my life (all of which has had access to a game console):

-Final Fantasy 3 (American #3)

-Puzzlequest 2
-Viva Pinata (as much as one can "beat" this game - by having acquired each pinata, but not having completed each and every variation (but a vast majority), nor bred each pinata to its max of 7 (but again, each at least a few times).

Yeah, that's it. I'm like, 3/4ths the way through Fable 3, and have been for a year now. And now I'm rambling about videogames. 

I want to be optimistic that I'll get better about the goals again. The House is still eating up time (with the Warming party preparation & all, but that has just passed). But some goals need House progress to continue (like, getting my craft space set up). It's also eating up money (in the case of any goals the specifically need money to progress). Not having a functioning computer certainly restricts progress on a select few goals, also. And, well, Life, right? 

I missed this month's First Friday. That's 1 of the 2/yr allowed.

I'm definitely going to reconfigure some goals by the end of this first quarter, probably 5-10 will change. This whole experiment has provided me with an interesting sort of microscope to analyze my life through. Even on a pitiful week such as this one, I feel progress in my life, if maybe only because I'm taking a moment each week to chronicle it.

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