Sunday, July 29, 2012

101 Week 2

This is just going to be difficult until I am moved into the house and settled, but I'm still powering through because part of this is learning to make time for the things I say I'm going to do, right? However, I'm seriously questioning some of my decisions - like any goals dealing with running. So, some of my goals may be up for renegotiation soon.

Weekly Goals:
daily journals
weekly German
weekly blogpost (well, there's this post at least)
weekly diary
morning workout
DVD workout
walk in park
- play music (2x) (1x learned chords to Hugh Laurie's You Don't Know My Mind on Jez) (2x reviewed You Don't Know My Mind for retention/ smooth out chord progressions/ get a better feel for the rhythms.)

Sporadic Goals:
- Started reading Female Chauvinist Pigs
- Started refreshing my memory on photography 101
- Picked the WP theme for my website
- Started sorting & selecting pictures for the wedding album

Reflections: This isn't all I set out to accomplish this week, but it's most of it, plus a couple of things that weren't on the agenda, but were more convenient for the time being, as replacements for the things I didn't do. It's weird. Looking at the list, it feels like so little. But I work 40 hours, I'm painting a house 3-4 nights a week, I'm going to dance class a couple of hours a week, and I'm finding ways to work these things in, where I would've otherwise just pissed time away on the internet (or some other unworthy pursuit). I've gotta get a better perspective on how I spend my time. I found myself looking at the "1,001 day" time span this week and thinking that is a really long time frame to be working in. Reeeeeally long. In so many respects, it's not. Not at all when I break it down to "9 days per goal," which is not quite accurate, either, (and short-changing, actually) b/c I have 8 goals to accomplish on a weekly basis as part of a routine. But I came across blogs, when I was looking into this, where people changed goals part-way through. Or they wrote, at the end, about how many things didn't happen b/c priorities in life changed.  My goals feel very front-loaded to me, as in: Things I Want To Do Now (Preferably Yesterday). It's difficult to know what I want to do 2 years from now. But then, goals such as "Get En Pointe" simply cannot happen today, so  I did build some time-eaters into this experiment. But will I care about Pointe in a year or two? (Or less likely: will I ever care about running a 5K, let alone making a time goal on it?)

And, as of the end of this week, our moving timeline just got crunched from 2 weeks down to 1. This next week might just be the bare minimum to keep any momentum on the 101in1001. But maybe this is a good thing - one bare bones week so that I can finally move my life forward and stop straddling two living places. Then I'll be able to more quickly establish an equilibrium and a priority listing of the home-related goals I do have on this list.

Moving in T-minus 6 days. 

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