Monday, August 6, 2012

101 week 3

Weekly Goals:
daily journals
weekly German
weekly blogpost (well, there's this post at least)
weekly diary
morning workout
DVD workout
walk in park
- play music 

Sporadic Goals:
- every month have a week of daily physical activity.
- try a new restaurant every 3 months. We had dinner at Siam Square in Fountain Square. I highly recommend it, quite delicious. 

This week's goals went about as well as could be, which is to say I only got a few in. I'm counting the week of physical activity. Every day this week was spent either painting, packing, or moving. That's way more activity on each individual day compared to any normal day I would have. Trying a new restaurant was not on the agenda, so that was a pleasant surprise. We're not anywhere near settled in the house, but I'm working to fit the goals into my day, which will be fun because I am exhausted.

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