Sunday, August 12, 2012

101 Week 4

Yeah. I got nothing. The days I'm not at the dance studio, I'm working manically on the house. Less than one month to house-warming, and I want the place to look good. That said, we're making good progress. I might be able to lighten up just a little bit. But this is the sad reality:

Weekly Goals:
daily journals
weekly German
weekly blogpost (well, there's this post at least)
weekly diary
morning workout
DVD workout
walk in park
- play music 

Sporadic Goals:
- more reading in Female Chauvinist Pigs

Monthly Goals:
- Commute by bike
- 1 pleasure bike ride
- 1 week carb free, 1 week dairy free
- visit library 2x

The quickened move got me all screwed up. Totally spaced the carb & dairy-free weeks, although truth be told these are not high priority goals for me. They kinda feel like filler in the goal list. Let's see what month 2 brings...

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