Sunday, August 26, 2012

101 Week 6

This week is not pretty.

Weekly Goals:
daily journals
weekly German
weekly blogpost (this one, natch)
weekly diary
morning workout (totally counting my morning bike commute for this. Yeah, I'll cheat like that for now)
DVD workout
walk in park
- play music 2x (1x figured out the chords to Firewater's Hey Clown, 2x practiced Hey Clown)

Sporadic Goals: 
- Finished Female Chauvinist Pigs

Monthly Goals:
- 40% Commute by bike
1 pleasure bike ride
1 week carb free, 1 week dairy free
visit library 2x

-A wonderful development in my life lately, which coincides with The Housening & The 101: I. Sleep. I mean, I wasn't really a problem sleeper before, except that I'd stay up a little later than I should've, and be a little sluggish the next day for it. But between The Housening & The 101, I get home from work, I get f*n productive for a few hours, I have maybe 23-46 minutes of TV some nights, then I crash. And I crash at a time that is good for my body but not so early I feel deprived of living, and I wake up at a time that I can get ready, and have breakfast (previously taken to work with me), and not rush in the morning (admittedly, living closer to work and taking a few minutes off the commute helps, but biking to work will negate that gain). Anyway, it has been AMAZING. As The Housening calms down, it'll be interesting to see if this pattern holds; but I haven't much reason to expect it won't, so long as I'm continuing through the 101 and being productive most of my evenings. That's been huge for me: not just sitting and zoning at the computer.
-You may notice that, week after week, I slack on most goals resembling physical activity. It's not that I'm that lazy, on a good week I'll spend 5 hours in classes at my local dance studio (2 hours on a bad week, 1 on a really bad week - or a week when I'm saving $ for a house, which is no longer my excuse). While I know a variety of physical activity is great for the body, damn if it's just dance that motivates me best to move. On that note, three weeks ago I did something to my foot, I assume in a dance class (but maybe while I was moving things into the house), as I pretty much only feel it when I'm barefoot. I don't know what I did or when I did it, but one day a very small portion of it started tingling. I've taken no course of action on it as it will start to feel better, then I'll be stupid and aggravate it again. Sadly, it looks like I just need to ease up on it for a bit. This makes me profoundly unhappy, but I should take the opportunity to bike more as (A) it doesn't aggravate the foot and (B) the saddle sores that I remind myself of everytime I think about riding are only going to reduce in frequency & intensity if I ever actually bike regularly. Anyway, injured - but not hurting - foot. Reduces overall physical activity - goal related AND the regular stuff.
-Last week I pushed myself, and it was awesome. I simply did not fare so well this week. 

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